Privacy Policy

Updated January 1, 2021

We will never share, sell, or give away your personal data. This includes information gathered at the time of checkout through the website, a sale in the physical shop, information submitted by you in order to join our mailing list, and information submitted by you in order to receive stock updates of sold out products.

When you join our mailing list, you give us permission to send you either e-mail or paper mail regarding sales, promotions, new products, changes to our hours, and other information related to our business. We promise to send no more than one communication per month, with the exception of sending a corrected version in the event that information has been conveyed incorrectly.

You can opt out of our mailing list at any time. Please send an email stating that you wish to opt out.

When you “tag” our social media accounts using @santafehemp or #santafehemp, you give us permission to repost that which you have posted, to our own social media accounts, at our discretion. Our social media accounts may or may not be linked to each other and to this website. Therefore, any post which is tagged with @santafehemp or #santafehemp may or may not appear on this website or on our multiple social media accounts.

Credit card information is never stored by us on any computer, mobile device, or on paper.

Please do not send your credit card number to us by email or by mail, or by direct message via social media sites. We are not responsible for its interception by an unintended party.

Our website is currently on the platform Big Commerce, which means it is secure. We, however, cannot be held responsible in the event that Big Commerce is hacked or otherwise compromised.