Where does your hemp come from?


Currently, the bulk of industrial hemp is grown in Asia, mainly China. We mostly buy from companies that manufacture their goods in the USA, but a few of our vendors operate close to the source of the materials in China, as well as other countries. So even if a company manufacturers in the USA, it is very likely that their fabric or fibers are originating in China, but it is also possible that their materials originate in Eastern Europe, where hemp has been grown and processed for generations.


We eagerly await the first American-grown hemp fibers to hit the market in the twenty-first century!


Where do all these other things come from?


We source our products from all over. We strive to find things made in the USA, made in New Mexico, or things that are made in other countries under Fair Trade guidelines. We also carry many items that are not made with industrial hemp, but are organically grown agricultural products, upcycled/recycled materials, handcrafted, Union-made, or in support of an awesome cause. We buy from MANY other small businesses, so when you support us, you support another independent small business.


Are you interested in selling my products?


Feel free to send an email with a link to your website or social media page, or send photos of your products along with all of the pertinent information. We aren't looking for new products at the moment, but maybe what you make will be something we can't resist!


This shop smells so good! What is the scent?


It's a blend of all of the natural soaps and candles, which are scented with essential oils. But you also smell the natural fibers.


Can I smoke my hemp shirt/bag/hat?


Look, what you do with your hemp shirt/bag/hat is between you and your maker...