Set of Bar Soaps, The Santa Fe Blends


A set of five blends, all of which will conjure images of rolling monsoons, adobe architecture, chile ristras, smudge sticks, and wide-eyed sugar skulls. Give the set as a gift or divide with friends.

The blends smell of...

Green Chile Lemon - Green Chile, Lemongrass, and Turmeric.

Sweet Grass & Cedar - Sweetgrass and Cedar.

Thunder Moon - Juniper, Cedar, and Lavender.

Cactus Flower - a proprietary blend of oils, but we can tell you this much - Cactus Flower is a refreshingly perfumed fragrance that is reminiscent of clean sheets, afternoon rain, and fresh flowers.

Wolf Moon - Sage and Lavender.


Most of the blends contain the following ingredients: olive, soy, coconut, hemp, and castor oils, plus cocoa butter, shea butter, and occasionally local honey. Ingredients for the base soaps vary, so if you need more detailed information, please call or email us.

Made by Nature's Soap Emporium of Taos, NM.

As with any bath product, if irritation should occur, discontinue use immediately.

Always keep soaps away from your sensitive areas, please.

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