Art Print on Wooden Plaque, Saints

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Original art has been printed on good quality paper and made into hand-crafted wall hangings by Barbara Barratt of Kaleidoscope Designs.

Size: 4” x 6”

Each art print is solidly attached to a wooden plaque which is painted with a complimentary color, a strip of leather cord is attached for hanging from a nail, with beads for a pretty detail.

Available patron saints:

  • Saint Agatha - Patron of Nurses
  • Saint Anne - Patron of Grandmothers
  • Saint Augustine of Hippo - Patron of Beer
  • Saint Cecilia - Patron of Music
  • Saint Drogo - Patron of Coffee
  • Saint Florian - Patron of Firefighters
  • Saint Francis de Sales - Patron of Teachers
  • Saint Francis of Assisi - Patron of Our Environment
  • Saint Fra Angelico - Patron of Artists
  • Saint George - Patron of Horselovers
  • Saint Gertrude of Nevilles - Patron of Cats
  • Saint Isidro - Invoked for Rain
  • Saint Kateri - Patron of Our Mother Earth
  • Saint Pasqual - Patron of Cooks
  • Saint Roch - Patron of Dogs