Industrial Hemp Networking - Introduction

Santa Fe Hemp has been here since 1997. We have always been in the business of finding and selling finished products, so we are not exactly experts in the farming or processing aspects of the hemp industry.

Since the federal law changed in 2018, many people have come to us to ask questions about farming and processing industrial hemp.

Some of the questions we have been asked include:

      • what do I need to know about growing hemp in New Mexico?
      • who sells industrial hemp seeds for sowing?
      • where can I have my new crop of hemp processed?
      • who can I buy raw hemp materials from?
      • where can I find a manufacturer for my raw hemp materials?
      Are you a ... ?
      • farmer
      • hemp processor
      • hemp product manufacturer
      • scientist
      • investor
      • lawyer

        This is an invitation to network. Would you like to be in contact with someone who can help you transform your land, crop, idea, or investment capital into part of the growing industrial hemp movement?

        Here is what you can do:

        Send us an email at s a n t a f e h e m p { a t } g m a i l { d o t } c o m.

        Put "Hemp Network" in the Subject Line, please.

        Information to include in your message:
          • your name or the name of your business
          • your website, email, phone number, and/or mailing address
          • a brief description of the service or product you offer

          Please tell us if you would like for your information to be displayed publicly, on this page, or in our shop.

          If you prefer to have us give your information to individuals who are looking for your type of product or service, let us know and we will pass the info on discreetly.

          You may also send a stack of your business cards (please limit 20 at one time) for us to hand out in our shop.

          If we find that your listing is inappropriate for our networking page, we will let you know.


          Here is an example of a listing for this page:


          Business Smith Hemp Farm
          Contact John Smith
          Address 123 Smith Street, Las Cruces, NM
          Phone Number 505-555-1234
          About We are a small industrial hemp farm and we are interested in selling our seeds to other farmers.


          Click here to go to Santa Fe Hemp's Industrial Hemp Network.

          Thank you so much for doing what you do and for being a part of a greener future!