Sometimes navigating the internet can be a challenge. Sometimes you don't even really know what you're looking for until you find it.
    We've compiled a list of great websites that we find inspiring or informative. (There are links to sites that just make us happy, too!) If you know of a site that you think we might like, please forward it to santafehemp{at}, post it to our Facebook Page, or send it to us via Twitter. Thank you and enjoy!




        Other Natural Resources

          Wildlife/Animal Rights

          • Black Bear Bureau - A large collaborative effort made up of committed individuals, like-minded conservation groups, and ethical public servants willing to fight and aggressively defend the lives and homeland of black bears throughout the American Southwest in order to protect, maintain and increase a viable black bear population. -
          • "Virunga" - documentary -
          • Virunga National Park - 

          Social Justice/Activism/Boycotts

          More Hemp Products

          • Hemp Elegance - Based just outside of Albuquerque, NM, Hemp Elegance is the purveyor of fine hemp women's clothing and accessories.
          • Hemp Oil Canada - A great affordable source for buying hemp seed oil and other hemp seed products.

          Other Good Stuff


          Uplifting Stuff!