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CBD in the New Year January 11, 2019 17:44

Thanks to the new classification of industrial hemp as an agricultural crop rather than a controlled substance, there is a massive new interest in what we do and what industrial hemp is all about.

As you may or may not know, cannabidiol (also known as CBD, sometimes also called "hemp oil") is derived from industrial hemp. Everyday we get questions about CBD and the new federal law.

People are talking about CBD more seriously as a good alternative to opioids and other pharmaceutical drugs for a variety of minor ailments and serious diseases. However, while industrial hemp is now recognized as a harmless agricultural crop, CBD is still in limbo with the law. Individual states can choose to block production and sale of CBD, and banks can still choose not to do business with sellers.

For this reason, we are holding off with adding CBD to our website. We have attempted to find out what Paypal's stance is on the matter, with no luck. Until we know for certain how CBD will be treated by the financial sector, we cannot take the risk of losing our access to Paypal as our website payment processor.

Currently we are also exploring alternatives to our web host (Shopify) as well as Paypal, with the hope that we'll find the right combination of host and processor who will allow us to easily sell everything we want to offer!

With that said, if you have purchased a CBD product in our shop and would like to buy more, please call the shop (505-984-2599) and we would be happy to take a payment over the phone, or a check by mail.

Thank you so much for your support!

Hempy New Year!